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Welcome to Ecurie Neep Mountain Bike Club homepage, who are an affilated group of CTC.

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Welcome to the Ecurie Neeps!

The EcurieNeep Mountain Bike Club was formed in 1993 by a group of cyclists who enjoy off-road mountain biking and welcome both male and females. Membership has grown steadily in recent years to about 40, with a nucleus of about 10 members who have remained with the club throughout its history.

Originally the club consisted of fit cyclists who rode hard and competed in mountain bike races mainly in Scotland, but also in England, with a good degree of success.

Today a few members still race, but the majority are involved in social XC and downhill biking. The downhill rides are usually arranged via our forum. The social XC rides are held on Wednesday nights and Sundays, the ride locations and times can be seen on the ride lists.

You are welcome to join us on any of our rides. If you are interested but apprehensive about the pace or grade of routes, you may wish to join us on our ‘Beginners Rides’ held every month. On these rides the slowest rider sets the pace and all are welcome (riders under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

There are several benefits of being a club member, for details please click here.

For more information contact Wayne Boyd on

Ecurie Neep Mountain Bike Club are a CTC affilated group. For more information please go to the Ecurie Neep Mountain Bike Club Website.

Information about the group rides 

Rides will start 15 minutes after meeting time to allow for time for getting changed, faffing etc. Don’t forget to bring a helmet; cold and wet weather gear and food.

Rides will be voted on by members, Sunday ride to be agreed by Friday, Wednesday ride by Tuesday. Neil (Contact Neil on 07891744693 for more information about the club rides) will have casting vote if no agreement or suggestions.

Important Information

It is important that everyone attending any of these rides understands that mountain biking can be a dangerous sport, and that you will not be guided by a ride leader.  On any given ride we are just a group of individuals who are each taking responsibility for their own safety, and have collectively decided to follow a mountain biking route together, with no implication that any one of us has any greater or lesser duty of care to the others in the group than everyone else.

Easier paced and less technical rides take place most Saturdays. Occasionally there will be joint ride with Sunday crowd at Scolty (ride is still on a Saturday though) – the difficulty will be adjusted to the suit level of the people who turn up.

Please visit the website for more information and to find ridelists:

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