Cycling UK Member Group AGMs 2022

Cycling UK's Member Groups have a wide range of activities and events to join in with. Photo: CTC Coventry Tri-Vets ride by Bob Tinley.

Cycling UK Member Group AGMs 2022

Member Group AGMs are a chance to meet new friends and find out how you can get involved in the running of the group. Our mission is to get millions more people cycling and you can help, whether that's by leading a ride to lending a hand at events to volunteering to update a group's website to serving on the committee

We have around 100 Member Groups across the UK, offering a range of activities and events for Cycling UK members. Every year, each group will get together for an Annual General Meeting. At the AGM, the group will elect the committee members, including the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who will help run the club for the next year. The AGM will also normally feature reports from various individuals on what the group has been up to that year and the chance to vote on any motions put forward by members or the committee. 

Member Group AGMs are now normally held in March or April each year (which is a change from previous years when they took place in October and November) but some groups may have them at other times of the year. Member Group AGMs are open to all Cycling UK members and are a great way to find out how you can get more involved with the group and have your say in the direction the group is headed. By standing for a committee role and/or volunteering to help lead rides, you can do your part to keep your local group active and get even more people cycling. 

AGMs are normally very social events and often feature a ride before or after the meeting. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, most groups won't be able to host their AGMs in person as they normally would. Instead, most will be held online, using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or a similar service. Some groups have even decided to defer their AGM to a later date or make alternative arrangements, such as conducting it via email. 

If you would like information on how you can participate in your local group's next AGM, please get in touch with the group directly. Alternatively, please contact and we'll be happy to help you find out more.