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Once upon a time there was a Golden Age of cycling. A time before you needed a degree in materials science to know from what composite your bike frame was made. A time before you needed a degree in aerodynamics to understand the marginal differences in modern bike frame design.

Today there is a growing band of enthusiasts who have come to realize that lightness, speed and modern materials are not everything, and that there is a nostalgia for the bikes of old.

Some are men and women of a certain age who yearn for the bikes of yore that they owned in their youth, others are a younger generation who appreciate the classic lines of the pre-1987 road bike.

Due to this enthusiasm cycling events have sprung into being that cater for the enthusiasts. Probably the most supported of these events is the L'Eroica, meeting in the Tuscany region of Italy each year. The first meeting of L'Eroica took place in 1997, attracting only 52 riders; but has now grown to the extent that in 2013 it attracted 5,000 riders from all over Europe.

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