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Welcome to Barnsley Mountain Bikers (Bmb) homepage, who are an affiliated group of CTC.

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Barnsley Mountain Bikers (BMB) are a CTC affiliated group. 

We are Barnsley Mountain Bikers! 

Founded in the spring of 2014, we organise regular cross country rides in the Penistone, Barnsley areas and into the Peak District. We also hold some skills day events, away days to trail centres, weekend away events and even trips abroad.

Our rides cater for beginners level through to advanced ability rides. We welcome newcomers of all levels and especially riders with knowledge of local routes to share. We will also take young adults aged 16-18 out on the trail. However we require that an adult over the age over the age of 18 accompanies you, and that the first couple of BMB rides are at the easier end of MTB to assess your ability. 

By joining as a BMB member, riders are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the required CTC insurance disclaimer below.

BMB - CTC Insurance Disclaimer

During the 2017 season we would like to extend our rides out beyond the Penistone and Barnsley N East areas which we concentrated on developing during the 2015/16 seasons. If you know know some fun rides that would appeal to BMB riders, then become one of us and share your rides as a rider or leader in a new area.

We are BMB!

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