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Welcome to Alyth Hill Users Group

As part of the Forestry Commission’s planting of the Westfield Estate the community of Alyth was offered the use of a 34 acre site at the south-east of the plantation, adjacent to the town and a smaller 5 acre site adjacent to the Den of Alyth. The group charged with the development of these sites is Alyth Hill Users Group (AHUG). AHUG was constituted in 2007 as a community liaison group in response to the purchase of the Westfield Estate and currently has around 20 active members. Its objectives are: “to protect and conserve Alyth Hill; to encourage and improve reasonable access for rural leisure pursuits; to encourage the use of the area for educational purposes; to achieve this AHUG will work in partnership with all interested parties; All the objectives are to benefit all the residents of Alyth Community Council area, neighbouring communities and visitors to the area.”

 For more information please go to the Alyth Hill Users Group Website.

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