Third Party Liability Insurance

All Cycling UK members are covered by third party insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance

Cycling UK's third party insurance will guard against claims made by others for any accidental damage or injury caused by you or your bike.

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Included with Cycling UK membership

We all ride with the intention of keeping safe and avoiding incident, but occasionally, the unfortunate can occur. Although you may not be at fault - you could, for example, have unintentionally damaged a car, or caused injury to a fellow cyclist.

With third party liability insurance, you are covered for any claims made against you for damage or injury. Cycling UK members are automatically covered up to £10 million by this policy, including using cycles for business use (although it does not cover those specifically employed as a cyclist, for example as a courier). 

It covers sportives, charity rides, audax, time trials and other rides, as long as they are not competitive in nature. Electric pedal bikes are also included. 

There is no excess to pay on the policy.

This policy is only available to Cycling UK members. If your group or club is a member of Cycling UK, you can join as an affiliated member at a reduced rate to receive the third party insurance cover.

If you think you have been involved in an incident that may lead to a claim against you under Cycling UK's Third Party insurance, please contact our incident Line on 0330 107 1789 or complete your claim online as soon as possible.

Please note that Cycling UK is not FSA regulated and cannot assess individual needs or give insurance advice. Please read the fact sheet and FAQs below carefully to decide which policy suits your requirements.  If you are still unsure, you can ring our brokers directly on 0151 494 4400.


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