Aylesbury CTC AGM 2021

Aylesbury CTC AGM 2021

I trust that you are all well and keeping safe through these challenging times? 

I wanted to write to you to inform you that following on from our recent committee meeting, this year’s AGM will be conducted via e-mail. Our rationale for this is out of safety for our members based on the current C-19 risks.

Our AGM will be conducted between the 28th and 4th of July. Should you wish to 'Attend' please can you email me at, aylesburyctc@gmail.com along with you membership number and we will send our agenda and documents etc. 

Can I also ask that should you have any questions or want to raise points of discussion, can you please add these to your email to us so that we can collate, discuss and answer once the AGM has concluded.

As per each AGM we have to ask for volunteers for the following positions;

Chairman - Currently held by Peter Robinson and willing to carry on with position

General Secretary - Currently held by Ben Parry and is willing to carry on with position

Rides Secretary - Currently held by Philip Baronius and willing to carry on with position

Treasurer - We need this position filling, so welcome any volunteers

Rides Coordinator for EP and SU rides

Rides Coordinator for MP Rides 

During the week of the AGM we will communicate with you all adding content to questions raised and agenda topics.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards