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Pompey Pedal Pushers

About us 

Pompey Pedal Pushers are a Cycling UK affiliated group. 

A cycling group for women who like to ride to their own rules.

I love to ride my bike, and I love to ride my bike a long way. Sadly, on long rides, I am usually very much in the minority being a woman of a certain age. I've long pondered why? Are women busy off doing other things, is it all just too intimidating, or am I simply a crazy lady, and these things aren't normal.

I don't believe the latter is true....although some who know me might disagree.

For those with a competitive disposition, there are a plethora of local clubs all mixed, that run rides at a variety of different levels.  The majority are male dominated, so can seem like an intimidating place if confidence is an issue.

There are also a few social groups, most again mixed.

Locally however, there is a gap for women at an improving or intermediate level of cycling ability, to simply ride with other likeminded women, whilst being able to constantly hone their riding skills.

So that is what this group is all about - Rides will vary in nature. Some will be long and flat, others shorter and hilly. There will be some evening rides, which will mean some riding in country lanes in the dark (some of my favourite riding is at night). 
I will create an event for each ride, describing the nature of the ride, the standard of rider it is suitable for, a rough mileage and expected pace (lowest 10mph, fastest 14 mph).  I will very deliberately arrange some difficult or longer rides for the stronger riders, but also many moderate ones for those who are still building up their fitness, or simply want to go for a ride.

Hopefully there will be something for everyone, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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