The Zoller and Fyfe Awards and the Melrose Shield

Ride at your own pace going uphill!

The Edward Zoller Memorial Trophy

The Edward Zoller Memorial Trophy is a pewter Quaich presented to the Lothians DA in 1997 by Anne Hutcheson (nee Zoller) in memory of her father’s love of and life-long service to the Lothians District Association (DA).

It is now awarded annually to any member of the CTC Edinburgh Lothians and Borders Member Group who has given their time and skills in the service of the group, either in an official or non-official capacity.  

The committee has adopted the convention that eligibility for the award should be restricted to group members who are not current committee members and who have not previously received it.

The award does require that nominations, with supporting testimonials are made to the committee each autumn.

It has since been awarded to:-

1997 Brian P Curtis

1998 Don Johnson

1999 Jack Murdoch

2000 Audrey Fyfe

2001 Mike Harrison

2002 Jimmy Murray

2003 Peter Martin

2004 Finlay Cairns

2005 Anne Carter

2006 Mike Harrison

2007 Richard Russell

2009 Neil and Norma Brearley

2010 Jim Kerray

2011 Marion Lawson

2012 George Di Ponio

2013 Evelyn Law

2014 Bill Coppock

2015 Duncan Ross

2016 Philip Rankin

2017 Maureen Young

2018 Peter Valente

2019 Liz Sutherland

2020 Not awarded

2021 Barbara Darcy

2022  Clare McDonald

2023 Janet Ironside


The Audrey Fyfe Memorial Award

The Audrey Fyfe memorial award is made to any member of the Group who has selflessly nurtured and encouraged novice riders in Member Group rides, also either in an official or unofficial capacity. 

The committee has adopted the convention that eligibility for the award should be restricted to group members who are not current committee members and who have not previously received it.

The award does require that nominations, with supporting testimonials are made to the committee each autumn.

It has since been awarded to:-

2012 David Stokes

2013 Not awarded

2014 Goff Cantley

2015 Liz Sutherland

2016 Judy Cantley

2017 Gordon Robertson

2018 Marian Rogers

2019 Alastair Sim

2020 Not awarded

2021 Cathy Riley

2022  Fiona Owen

2023 Linda Hamilton


CTC Best Cycling Photograph of the Year Plaque

1962       W. Nimmo

1963       A. B. McIntosh

1964       A. Ryalls

1965       L. Douglas

1966       A. B. McIntosh

1967       L. Douglas

1968       A. B. McIntosh

1969       J. Law

1970       J. Law

1971       J. Law

1973       M. Gardiner

1973       R. Melrose

1975       L. Douglas

1977       M. Johnson

1981       R. Lunn

1984       D. Lambie

1997       H. Horne

1998       D. Jack

2000       J. Howlett

2001       E. Law

2002       F. Cairns

2003       G. Melrose

2004      F. Cairns

2005       M. Harrison

2006      G. Di Ponio

2007       N. Robertson

2008       B. Darcy

2009       Liz Sutherland

2010       Marion A. Lawson

2011       Caroline Parr

2012       Caroline Parr

2013       Liz Sutherland

2014       Dave Stokes

2015       David Lambie

2016       David Stokes

2017       Les Westhead

2018       Eileen Holttum

2019      Cathy Riley

2021       Janet Ironside

2022       Debbie Barr

2023       Sandy Paterson


The Melrose Shield

This shield was originally presented to a member of the CTC who had given eminent service to the Lothians DA. The Centrepiece is the crest of the Ettrick and Lauderdale District of the Borders Region which was presented to the CTC at the 1980 Melrose Birthday Rides.

The shield was presented between 1980 and 2000 after which it disappeared from circulation. In 2023 it came to light again!  The trophy will now be presented to any members(s) of the club who has given eminent service in the organisation of special events outwith our routine programme of rides.

Previous recipients:

1980      W. Nelson

1987      Eric S. Robertson

1997      Douglas and Jean Napier

1997      Robert and Jean Jeffrey

2000    John Martin

2023    Rosanne Murphy



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Edward Zoller was one of the six people who started ERC in 1925.  He was the leading light of the breakaways.  He was an insurance agent with W.G.M. Oliver, Solicitor and Insurance Agent and was at one time secretary of the C.T.C. Lothians D.A., and before that of the Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club.  Zoller didn’t do a great deal of racing himself – he just rode 10s and 25s.  He was a low gear specialist , riding 76″ at the very most.  We had a number of low gear races at the start of the season in those days.

Edward Zoller was a tall, lean man with a mop of white hair, and was known widely as “Mr. Cycling”.  His life to a great extent was dedicated to cycling; he wrote frequently to the press on cycling matters, and on occasions his views would excite controversy. He was the secretary of ERC for about twenty years until about 1970.  He’d been a official of ERC since 1925.  He was a leading light in keeping the club together, and keeping it going.  He was made an honorary life member of the CTC. He rode into his nineties, and on the day he died, aged 92, in the early 1990s he had just taken delivery of a new wheel from Robin Williamson.  He rode up and down the street outside his home to try it out. 

Zoller was an RRA (Roads Record Association) observer from his early days and he followed nearly all the record attempts on Scottish roads.  He was a man of principle, and he enforced the rules strictly, which caused a few controversies.  One of the earliest record attempts by a professional was in about 1930, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.  Zoller organised  a boat to take him across the Forth – that was before the bridge was built – to go from Granton to Burntisland, but the rider never turned up.  He had abandoned, but Zoller still had to pay for the boat!  Zoller wrote to the rider to complain about being let down, and the rider sent the bike he’d used for his record attempt to Zoller as compensation!

Audrey Fyfe was an inspirational member of the Lothians and Borders Cyclists Touring Club from the early 1950s.  She held positions of Social Secretary and Chairman and was awarded the Edward Zoller Trophy for services to the club in the year 2000. She was from a cycling family; husband Ian and daughters Aileen and Linda were all regular riders with the club at one time.

She is remembered for her selfless support of new or weaker riders and had a reputation for sorting things out and putting others before herself.  She was the life and soul of a party but never sought the limelight.  She would chat to everyone and often did this without difficulty on the steepest of hills!

Audrey was a regular at Birthday Rides (to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the CTC) and helped organise rides to Melrose in 1980 and Haddington in 1987.  She joined in all the New Year meets which were often a few days away at Melrose or Pitlochry.

Audrey was extremely hospitable and often welcomed the club ride back to the house for home baking and coffee to sustain them on the last leg home and regularly provided haggis, neeps and tatties for the Burns Suppers.

At AGMs, she was very sensible and measured in her comments.  A CTC councillor from the 1990s recalls she was not backward at voicing her opinions which he valued and respected.

Tragically Audrey died in a road accident in 2011.  Her family donated this award in her memory.