Volunteers wanted for Pollution Monitoring- Get With the Flow

Volunteers wanted for Pollution Monitoring- Get With the Flow

In the spirit of citizen science, CTC Glasgow have purchased a Flow pollution monitor (see https://plumelabs.com/en/flow/), a small, light (65 gram), portable device that attaches to your bicycle or body and measures how a range of pollutants comprising PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and VOC change as you travel around. By linking via Bluetooth to an app on your mobile phone and using your phone’s location services, Plume Labs are trying to build up detailed real time pollution maps.

We are planning to pass the monitor around our members to use on their typical cycle journeys for periods of a couple of weeks or so. It would also be very useful if volunteers could perhaps also go on specific pollution monitoring trips, comparing levels on the busy main roads with the quieter side streets.

Plume Labs have indicated that as well as contributing to a regional pollution monitoring, the data associated with CTC Glasgow’s monitor would be available to us for creating our own pollution maps, so the more data the better!

If you would like to get involved, please note the following:

·         You must have and carry a Bluetooth enabled phone with location services switched on.

·         You must be happy that your location data will be part of the
data pool, but note that no individual names will be associated with the data. It will all be anonymous.

·         The device requires charging via a usb port overnight

·         The device is water sensitive so do not use in the rain!

·         We will ask you to provide contact details and if you are not a Cycling UK member we may ask for proof of address.

For further details, please email pollution@cyclingUKglasgow.org.uk

Please also note that as we currently only have one device it may take a while for the Flow to become free.