Using Strava Routes

Using Strava Routes

A simple guide for beginners.

You can follow strava routes on your mobile phone and if you fix the phone to your handlebars it’s ideal and you don’t need a garmin.  If you don’t fix it to the handlebars you can still follow the route, but you will need to take the phone out of your pocket at regular intervals to memorise the next couple of turns and make sure you are still on track.  There are lots of phone mounts available online and your local bike shop will be able to help.


Download the free strava app and create your account with your email and password and login. You can also put a photo on but that’s not necessary.

Go to where you have the link to the route(s) on your phone and open the route you want to try.  At the top left-hand corner, you will see a star.  Click on this.  If you don’t see the star you might not be logged in.  The star will turn red and this means that route is ‘a favourite’ and will be saved in ‘your routes’ which you will find in ‘your profile’.

To find your profile click on the picture of you, or the place where your picture should be- or at the bottom of the screen there is an icon called profile.

Once you are in your profile, scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a section called Routes.

Click on this and hopefully the route that you want will be there.  You can save as many of the routes that you want.

When you plan to ride, fix the phone to your handlebars and cycle to the point where you plan to join the route.

Then switch on your phone and Strava and go back into your routes. Open up the route that you want and click on ‘Use Route’. The map should open and fill the screen.  Make sure that there is a bike in the middle at the bottom.  If not, maybe it’s a boot for example, click on that and a menu of all the sports will come up. Choose the bike.

Click on the compass at the bottom right twice.  One click on the compass takes the screen to the blue dot which is you.  Clicking twice means that the blue dot will stay on the middle of the screen. i.e Strava will follow you as you move round the route.

Click start which will give the time, speed, distance etc and then click the circle to the right which will bring up the map and the route in blue.  You should then be able to follow the route whilst cycling.

When you have finished click finish. (there is also a stop and resume option for when you go into cafes etc, but that’s not for now).

A screen comes up where you can add names, photos and followers, but no need to do any of that, just click on SAVE at top right-hand corner.  You will then be able to review your activity, and all the statistics later. 


The main issue is your phone battery running out, but for short routes it should be fine.  Some folk carry a small phone charger.


Why not record a walk on Strava first, so you get into the way of it without the need to follow a route?  Download the app and set up your account.  When you go out to walk open Strava, generally it opens in ‘feed’.  Then click the boot and then on record button at bottom centre.  Put phone in your pocket and forget about it till you get home, then press finish and save as above.


How do I send a Strava ride that I have done to a friend so they can follow it?

If you have recorded a ride and want to follow it again or send it to someone else to follow, you need to change it into a route.  A recording of a ride that you have done is called an “activity” and appears in your activity feed.  A “route” is one that you have created on your laptop.  To change an activity into a route, go into your Strava account on your laptop, and click on Dashboard and select activity feed.  You should then see your activities. Click on the activity you want and then on the three-dot menu on the left.

A number of options appear, but you want to click on “create route”.  This will create a route which will then appear in “your routes”.  You will find your routes in the dashboard menu. Once you are in your routes, open up the route you want and you can copy and send the link to your friends.