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Non Edinburgh Groups - Borders Brake-away Group

2020 saw a lot of changes, and for the Brake-away group, long time organisers Fiona and Clive Hunt moved house away from the borders. Picking up the reins are Jennie Johnston and Nigel Cliffe. The Coronavirus pandemic prevented rides in 2020.We are hopeful there may be a rides in 2021. A further change is our group email/contact has been moved to See email contact addresses below.

Please note our new contact details:

Jennie Johnston and Nigel Cliffe

Tel/text (Nigel)   07845 766 684


Join the group email list at:   

Or contact both Jennie and Nigel on email at:




Review of 2019 - the last year of Activity

During 2019 a baker’s dozen of rides was offered:  a medley of scheduled, changed routes and ad-hoc rides. We welcomed five new riders into the mix and enjoyed the company of many of our core regulars.  


Between six to eight cyclists attended the majority of rides. This is a very sociable number, allowing us to get to know new riders and presenting no problem when visiting cafes. Three scheduled rides were cancelled but three ad-hoc rides were added. Two rides were changed in terms of route. The added or changed routes had similar number of riders to the scheduled rides.

We currently have 82 people in our Facebook group and 26 in our Yahoo group which represents 95 individuals (13 are in both groups). 51 have never ridden with the group. This year, 27 different individuals rode with Borders Brake-away.


We explored a new route for the Durisdeer teas which proved successful as it was more adaptable for poor weather and there were fewer miles to cycle at the end with a belly full of cakes!

A pop-up café in Heriot on Sundays was very popular and we understand the local community will be running this again next summer. It was so good we had two rides to it!

My personal highlight of the year was probably the ride across to Eskdalemuir in fabulous ‘heatwave’ weather (see photos). As it is an ‘out and back’ route, there is a choice of 3 distances (from 40 to 70 miles), each of which was chosen by someone.


For the remainder of 2019, we will organise additional rides appropriate to the weather. Our year will culminate in our usual pre-Christmas ride & lunch in December which normally proves very popular.


For 2020, we expect to change the emphasis to more ad-hoc rides as these are more flexible for weather conditions and changing diary commitments of our small core group of leaders.

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Many congratulations to Fiona Hunt who, in 2019, was awarded the CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Committee's Discretionary Award for many years of stalwart organisation with Borders Brake-Away promoting and supporting cycling in the Scottish Borders.



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