Keith Young - A Tribute

Keith Young - A Tribute

It is with great sadness that we must inform our membership of the passing of one of our most active cyclists, Keith Young. Our thoughts are with his wife Lynn and the family at this time.

Keith was first and foremost a friend to many of us and we are feeling a profound sense of loss.

Keith was a cycle commuter, tourer and club rider. He took an active part in Cycling UK Glasgow and was a trusted source of knowledge and advice on all things related to cycling. He took part in many club rides and was a regular on the Saturday morning ride. He was an integral part of the coffee stop on Saturday lunchtimes where we would discuss cycling, politics and sport and there were lots of laughs.

Being with him was great fun and we will miss his dry sense of humour.

Many of us are still struggling to come to terms with what has happened. Our peloton is diminished with his passing.

From all at CTC Glasgow

A personal tribute from Club Member Alwyn Christmas

Keith was intelligent, well informed, fun to be around, loved to laugh and have fun, no pretentions. Loving husband, dad, son, brother and granddad. He loved going out for a curry and a beer. Although he had a demanding job at the Home Office, he really enjoyed it and wasn’t in any hurry to retire but had dreams of eventually retiring to Spain.

He also loved to travel and explore new places. I was lucky enough to share cycling holidays with him in Scotland, Spain and the Far East where he revelled in exploring mega-cities such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Saigon where he enjoyed learning about the culture and history as well as sampling the local cuisine and beer. Last year Keith and I cycled through Thailand. It was quite a strong group but Keith had been at the front of the pack all trip. On the last day, one of the local guides, a gnarly, old school, no nonsense type of guy took Keith aside, shook his hand and told him ‘you are a strong man’. Well, Keith was absolutely delighted by this and never tired of reminding me about it as for some reason he didn’t say the same to me!

He was passionate about cycling and didn’t own a car. He cycled to/from work in the city centre all through the year whatever the weather. He especially enjoyed cycling with his many friends in the CTC and was a stalwart of the Saturday morning ride usually encouraging us to finish up at his favourite cafe in Merchant City where, over a coffee, he would lead the conversation about cycling, politics, football and whatever else was topical at the time.

In his last few messages with me, he remarked about how glad he was that cycling had not been banned under the lockdown as he was feeling strong and had never felt better. He was still doing his ‘commute’ into Glasgow most days although he was working from home. His last message to me finished with the words ‘feeling strong. I am the strongman’. And indeed he was. Saturday mornings just won’t be the same any more.


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