Items of NEWS about CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19

Items of NEWS about CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders

Informal small group rides now being posted on the! Do take the opportunity to meet up with your cycling chums.

From tomorrow, 10th July, the Scottish government guidance is that a maximum of 15 people from up to five different households can meet together outdoors.

In order to facilitate a measured return to small group riding and to help members meet up with one another, the committee is happy to encourage members to offer an informal ride on the email group from that date. 

However, it should be clear that these rides are not part of a formal CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders programme but an informal arrangement between members.  Those members coming together to ride should maintain social distancing at all times and be self-sufficient in case of mechanicals or punctures or be able to get help from a member of their household or bike breakdown service.  


As the number will be limited to 5 households, it is likely that the group will consist of the member offering the ride and 4 others or maybe one or two more, if 2 members of the same household wish to join. 

Those offering a ride should request that people TEXT them privately if they intend to come on the ride so that the numbers are kept to the appropriate limit and a contact phone number is available should it be needed in the future. 

Please do not reply on and please do not turn up without getting confirmation that a space is available.


Anyone may offer a ride- you don’t have to be a leader and feel free to offer any day of the week, any time or any meeting point.

I plan to ride on Sunday and would be delighted to have 4 companions to chum me.  I’ll send out an email tomorrow with details.


The use of the email for advertising these informal rides is dependent on members adhering to the above guidelines. 

You might also be interested in advice from Cycling UK in these links;

Posted 10th July 2020.


The recent advice issued today asks us to avoid all unnecessary social contact and gatherings in pubs, cafes and other social events.  Sadly, we have no option but to suspend the programme of rides for our group until further notice.  

Posted 16th March 2020.



The statement from Cycling UK is below but our CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Committee would like to reiterate a few points:

  1.  Please do not come on a ride if you feel at all unwell, even if you think it’s only a cold.
  2. When we are in halls, (only a couple of Wednesday runs left in the winter programme) please do try to keep a reasonable distance from each other.  The official advice is 2 metres.  We have many members over 70 and everyone should do their bit to keep themselves and others as safe as possible.
  3. Under no circumstances should riders clear their noses or spit during a ride unless into a tissue or handkerchief.
  4. Leaders should feel under no obligation to lead a ride if they prefer not to in the foreseeable future.  However, please do give as much notice as possible in case someone else would like to step in.
  5. We anticipate that this will be a rapidly changing situation and it's possible that cafes etc may close in the future, so please do check for last minute email updates from leaders on You can search your inbox or go onto the website here.

This is where members will receive the first notification of a change. The website relies on the website managers to transfer the information, so there may be a delay.

Here is the statement about Coronavirus from Cycling UK.

Posted 15th March 2020


On Thursday 6th February an email invitation was sent out to all the current members of the Yahoo Edinburgh Riding Group. The invitation came from Janet Ironside via Groups.IO.  By replying to this email, or going onto the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders website to set and apply your email preferences, you will join our new group. The Yahoo group had lost significant functionality and is now unsuitable for our purposes. 

This new group is easy to use and we can attach files and photos, although storage is limited. 

So do reply to the invite now if you wish to continue to receive the emails about our rides as the Yahoo group will be closing down. If you have any problems/concerns please contact

You can also request an invitation via our own website

Posted February 2020.


A new decade and a new name for our group!  Following on the decision at the AGM we are now Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders. This reflects the membership and makes our group more accessible by online searches.  We hope this will increase our new membership. 

Not only a new name, but a new option for rides heading out west or over to Fife.  We have re-instated the starting point at Miller and Carter, Cramond Brig. Check it out on our list of starting points here​​

Posted January 2020


Check out our new meet point in Redhall Park.

We have a new meeting point for the winter season from October 2019.  This is ideal for rides heading out to West Lothian, via the canal or Water of Leith Path.  You can find it via Kilncroftside which is first left off Redhall Drive. Alternatively you can take the exit off the canal at the bridge that leads to the Water of Leith path. Check out the photos in the Gallery below.

Posted August 2019