Christmas Challenges

Christmas Challenges

3 Stevenage Christmas Challenges

Challenges to get you out on your bike during the Christmas Season share on our Facebook page

1. The Christmas Lights challenge; Ride around Stevenage (or your village or town) and find the Christmas lights.

  •     Create a route to share with others. Share pictures with others.

2. The CHRISTMAS DAY Challenge: Go for 12 rides;

  •      on your 1st ride find something beginning with C
  •      on your 2nd ride find something beginning with H
  •      on your 3rd ride find something beginning with R
  •      on your 4th ride find something beginning with I
  •      5th ride S, 6th ride T, 7th ride M, 8th ride A,
  •      9th ride S, 10th ride D, 11th ride A, 12th ride Y.

     You could look for Road names or see how many items you can find with each letter on your ride.

     Share your findings.

3. The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge or 12 Rides Around Stevenage

  • Plan 12 rides to cycle past these Stevenage features.
  • You can plan one ride for each 'Day' or gather them through your rides as you explore Stevenage.
  • For some of the lines you are finding all the items, for others there are many more.
  • A challenge would be to find all of each item, for example all the Route 12 signs.
  • Please enjoy exploring Stevenage.
  • To help you there is a map of Stevenage Cycleways


1 Stevenage Cycle Hub

2 Stevenage Bicycle shops

3 Green Bicycle Stands

4 Stevenage Parks

5 Giant Roundabouts

6 Stevenage Secondary Schools

7 National Cycle Route 12 signs

8 Different colour Road Name Signs

9 Cycle Underpasses

10 Stevenage Primary Schools

11Stevenage Pubs

12 Stevenage Post boxes






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