The 2019 AGM Minutes

2019 AGM Minutes

Date: 2nd November 2019                          Time: 14:30

Venue: Jubilee Room, Orton Waterville Village Hall

Attendance:Adrian Lovelock (AL), Andy Cox (AC), Angela Henderson, Chris Ashcroft(CA), Chris Cooper (CC), David King, Geoff Mizen, Greg Massey, Harvey Edwards, Julian

Griffiths, Lesley Coombs, Maggie Watson, Mark Hann, Michael Fulcher, Mike Goodchild,Paula Fye, Pete Herron, Phil Bridger, Phil Watson, Richard Bland, Richard Donoyou, Richard Gibson, Tim Curtis.

Apologies received from: David Smith, Joe Hardman, Laura Porter, Mark Edmonds, Paul Carey, Sharyn Rutterford, Sue Watson.

1. Welcome and introduction by the Chair, Phil Bridger

2. Election of Officers

No nominations had been received in writing prior to the meeting and there were no new nominations in the meeting.

All committee members confirmed they were happy to continue to serve in their present roles and were unanimously re-elected:

Phil Bridger as Chair;

Chris Cooper as Secretary;

Andy Cox as Treasurer;

Peter Herron as Rides Secretary;

Maggie Watson as Welfare Officer;

Phil Watson as Membership Secretary;

Richard Donoyou as Social Secretary.

3. Minutes from 2018 AGM

The minutes of the 2018 AGM were agreed at the meeting as being a true record.

4. Treasurer’s Report

AC presented the Treasurer’s report (see link above).

The Income and Expenditure report for the year includes the following expenditure: £10.99 domain name, £90 web hosting, £21 AGM room hire. The Christmas meal and awards event resulted in net income of £24 for the meal and expenditure of £115.97 for awards and gifts to staff. We did not apply for a grant from Head Office in 2019 and so there was an overall deficit of £213.96. When added to the accumulated surplus brought forward from last year the Balance Sheet confirms we have an accumulated surplus at the start of 2019-20 of £249.55. This comprises cash at bank of £295.60 plus a prepayment of £43.95 for domain name (paid to 2024) less £90 accrued for web hosting.

We will apply to Head Office for a grant of £200 to support the club during 2019-20.

5. Approval of Accounts

The accounts have been independently verified by Mark Ruffles FCA and they were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

6. Secretary’s Report

CC presented the Secretary’s report (see link above).

This included detailed analysis of weekly rides plus comment on all other club activity,

safety on rides, Cycling UK membership and Peterborough Cycle Forum. Members were reminded that, in compliance with GDPR, all data on the ICE register was deleted at the

end of October and everyone who rides with us must now complete a new form, giving information to be held on file during 2019-20.

7. Club Kit

AL gave a presentation on a proposal for a new club kit and supplier. The meeting approved the new supplier and new design subject to a poll being conducted to decide colours and ancillary wording to be printed on jerseys etc. Members will be invited to vote in a poll on the club Facebook page.

8. Committee – tenure of posts

The club committee expressed a collective view that it may be beneficial for the club if committee members are restricted to holding a post for a maximum of 3 consecutive years. The meeting discussed the pros and cons of this and decided it would not be sensible to have a fixed rule as this could lead to a post becoming vacant with no candidate to fill it.

We would endeavour to have regular changes in the membership of the committee and individual committee members would aim to give reasonable notice of stepping down in order to achieve a smooth succession. With this in mind, CC confirmed this would be his last year as Secretary and so we are looking for another member of the club to take on this role from the next AGM.

7. Any Other Business

CA asked if we knew the present status of the Peterborough Cycle West project. CC confirmed it continues to make progress towards its objective of creating a cycle route from Sutton to Wansford Nene Valley Railway station. The group will hold its AGM on 21 November and more details can be obtained from CC.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 15:55.