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The East Midlands region contains the six CTC/Cycling UK Member Groups of Alfreton CTC; CTC Derby and Burton; Leicestershire and Rutland CTC; Cycling UK Lincolnshire; CTC Northampton; Nottinghamshire CTC.

At the ARM AGM on the 18th January 2020 the following officers and committee were elected:-

Chair - Ray Clay (Leicestershire and Rutland CTC)

Secretary - Tim Newbery (Cycling UK Lincolnshire)

Treasurer - Ian Hill (CTC Derby and Burton)

Minutes Secretary - Jean Deacon (Leicestershire and Rutland CTC)

Auditor - Richard Daniells (CTC Northampton)

Other committee members are representatives from each of the six Groups plus members from the region's CTC/Cycling UK general membership, Affiliated Groups and Right to Ride/Local Campaigning Network.

Member group Representatives:

Tom Fox - Alfreton CTC

Ian Alexander - CTC Derby and Burton

Jean Lakin - Leicestershire and Rutland CTC

Tim Newbery - Cycling UK Lincolnshire

Richard Daniells - CTC Northampton

Terry Scott - Nottinghamshire CTC

Representatives from the region's CTC/Cycling UK general membership:

John Catt - Leicestershire and Rutland CTC

Reg Tuckwood - Nottinghsmshire CTC

Cycle Advocacy Network Representatives (formerly Right to Ride Representatives) in the CTC East Midlands Region:

Jeff Burton - Nottinghamshire CTC

Roger Hill

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19