We're Back!

We're Back!

Following the government’s announcement on 10 May 2021, that Covid restrictions will, as planned, be relaxed further 17th May, allowing outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people, we are excited to announce that club rides will now resume, with our first official club run being on 23rd May.  A new runs list is now available for download from the club website (http://www.burnleyandpendlectc.co.uk/rides/ride-lists.html ), and is also attached to this E-Mail.

We must remember, however, that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, and we must still follow best practices to provide our members the maximum protection.. All riders need to read and be familiar with Cycling UK's recommendations at: https://www.cyclinguk.org/news/coronavirus-guidance-cycling-uk-groups

Please also note the following:

  • If you are new to our group, please contact Harry Taylor (harrytaylor1950@hotmail.com, 07522 343181) before attending one of our rides to discuss the ride and confirm your attendance, as we are limited to the number of participants on each ride.
  • New riders who are Cycling UK members should bring their membership card on their first ride. (non-members are also welcome for a 3 ride trial period).
  • We will require contact details for Track and Trace on the day of the ride.
  • As we don’t currently know how our previous cafe stops will be operating, if at all, we are currently advising all riders to make their own arrangements for lunch. I.e. bring a packed lunch.
  • Please bring a face covering. You won’t be required to wear it whilst riding, but situations may arise where one is necessary.
  • Please be self-sufficient with regards to tools and repairs. Social distancing means that if you have a mechanical issue / puncture etc, although we can offer advice, you must be prepared to carry out your own repairs.
  • Please do not attend any of our rides or activities if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or live in an area currently under extended local restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you.

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