Survey Results! - Way-to-go?

Survey Results! - Way-to-go?

Hi all,

Thanks to all who responded to the survey over the Christmas recess. Out of 305 emails sent there were 77 responses which is a very gratifying 25% or so.

I have compiled the replies into the attached document which also includes some commentary and ideas of how this may be used in the EYCTC committee's future plans.

One aspect which came through was that sending out the occasional email through this mechanism is a very useful way to contact a number of potential participants for EYCTC events and rides, and I will therefore from time to time make use this medium.

If you would like more immediate contact we do also have a WhatsApp group which is used by regular group riders (but not exclusively so). If you think you would like to see whether this is suitable for you, send me an email with your mobile telephone number (and name by which you would like to be known!) and I'll put you on that WhatsApp group. You can withdraw at any time if you find it's not suitable for you.

Meanwhile I will attempt to keep you informed of EYCTC activities through occasional emails and posts on the EYCTC page on the C-UK website.

We also have our own website which is more frequently updated by our webmaster Phil and is a very good way of staying in touch with what we are planning.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can get back to group riding and the weather and roads dry up some!

Our own website:

Dave Berger

January 21st 2021


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