Suffolk CTC's Winged Wheel now online!

Suffolk CTC's Winged Wheel now online!

Suffolk CTC, a member group of Cycling UK, is delighted to announce that their quarterly magazine, 'Winged Wheel', is now available ONLINE at no cost.

Following positive feedback about the online version, the committee decided to upgrade so that hyperlinks in adverts and articles now work and it is also possible to download the magazine as a PDF so you can print pages of interest.

It is still be available as a colour-printed and delivered version at the cost £4 per annum for the magazine, plus £2 for postage. Contact Philip Hancock if you would like to subscribe to the paper version. 

Over 250 of our Suffolk members are already keen readers of the print version of Winged Wheel and we invite you to view the online version as it is a good source of Suffolk cycling information as well as providing details of our club's rides and events. The magazine also includes details of some wonderful cycling tours that different members have completed and there is much to interest the keen cyclist.

Make a cup of tea (or open a bottle) and have a browse, there really is something for everyone and the online version is totally free.

Best wishes and happy reading

Judith Hedges