Suffolk CTC - President's Newsletter Update

Suffolk CTC - President's Newsletter Update

At the Committee meeting  on 23 January, a number of issue arose, and whilst I would normally cover these in my President’s Page in Winged Wheel, they can’t wait till April, and perhaps need to go wider than the Winged Wheel readership. I need to communicate some things to ride leaders specifically but some of these issues need bringing to the attention of riders as well. Other matters are of more general interest to those who have expressed a wish to be kept informed:

Icy weather

It is rewarding to see helpful contributions from members. Paul Fenton has suggested that leaders planning routes in bad weather might like to use bus route information as an indicator of roads that have been gritted, and a link has been added to our website for members/ leaders to look this information up.

Group cycling

As I said in my article in the latest Winged Wheel, the committee would discuss the issue/procedure for splitting into sub-groups while on the move. I am happy to say this addition to cycling safety procedures has been agreed and the guidance for both leaders and riders is being amended to reflect this. Please take a look at the guidance. I have asked our webmaster to leave the changes in blue text for the time being, to help everybody quickly identify them.

Guest riders

Leaders are reminded that non-Cycling UK members need to fill in a guest form on each of the three occasions they ride with us on any of our group rides to comply with the insurance guidance. 


You will have received the Sizewell C email and attachments by now, so I thought I would give you an update. With the support of the committee I have been busy emailing every free press publication. If you see anything, have a read and let me know what you think. I have emailed the haulage associations, cycling groups, leisure groups such as walking and horse riding, councils and other authorities such as the Police, Fire Service and the NHS ambulance service. If you think I have forgotten someone, please let me know.

The future

I am mindful that my tenure as President is coming to an end, and am thinking what I might do next. I have got the bit between my teeth on Sizewell and this has led me to think I might try doing PRO in the future. I have a few ideas about press articles that might bring about a greater appreciation of the issues that cyclists face, and a greater appreciation by other road users might just make it safer for all of us.

Please give some thought to what you could do to ensure the continued prosperity and success of Suffolk CTC.


I have no plans to make the President’s Newsletter a regular communication, however it might be a useful addition for sending out updates on current and emerging issues and as a way of getting feedback. It also has the advantage of being able to be targeted at smaller groups within the club as a whole.

Happy safe Cycling.