South Bucks Member Group AGM

South Bucks Member Group AGM

I am emailing you to tell you about your local member group’s AGM, which takes place soon.

Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions, the South Bucks Member Group's AGM 2021 will be conducted via email, over the week of 10th - 17th May 2021.

If you wish to "attend", please send me ( an email giving me your Membership Number. I will send you the Meeting Agenda and various Reports by 10/05/2021.

Nobody except myself will see your email address and I will delete the list of addresses after the AGM is complete.

Over the week of 10th - 17th May you may send me comments (on a report, other people's comments, etc.). I will distribute these comments daily to attendees. At the end of the week I will produce and circulate the draft minutes.

Hoping to hear from you

Anona Stevens (Secretary of South Bucks Member Group)