I have been busy looking at EDF’s web site as preparation for submitting both my personal response and CTC Suffolk’s response.

There are 15 questions if you count the request for comments on the consultation process!

I have set out in the attached document what I intend to copy and paste into each space provided, question by question. I hope it will all work, and it will take the sketches. Additionally there are multiple choice tick boxes within the questions and I have indicated the relevant response for the club, where applicable, but the choice is yours when it comes to your personal response.

You will note that I intend to paste the whole (v 9) document into the response to question 6 and have duplicated bits in other question responses. This is because I think the whole document relates to (6 “Transport movement of materials”).

I have duplicated bits as I can see the hard copy is perforated and I suspect individual pages will be separated and collated with other matching pages, and I don’t want them to think we have nothing to say on those issues. Likewise I suspect electronic replies will be collated in the same way in order to produce statistical data for analysis.

The final draft response (v9) has seen several changes since I first circulated the earlier version, so do have a read. I am grateful to those who gave me feedback, and to Duncan Dollimore (Cycling UK) for his compliments constructive critique and support.

Don’t forget to do a response. You should be able to copy and paste from the attached document, taking and leaving bits where you wish, and make your own comments in addition. I will be putting all sorts of comments in my personal response to reflect other interest like Walking and RSPB.



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