Hull Traffic Survey

Hull Traffic Survey

Hi all.

I have been asked to respond to a survey of traffic in Hull, and to rope in others especially from a cyclist's perspective so it would be great if everyone on this email list was prepared to respond.

Below is a copy of the body of the email from Allan Davidson:


Apologies if you have already been made aware of this or submitted comments on the survey, I would be grateful if you could share this with your groups if you feel it is appropriate.

Tell us what you think about roads, traffic and travel in Hull – fill in Hull City Council’s People’s Panel survey

This survey is Phase One of a wider engagement project to help plan traffic, travel, transport and roads in Hull for the future.

We would really like to encourage more cyclists, pedestrians, bus and public transport users to complete the survey – at the moment, the biggest influence will be from the car and van drivers so it would be great to hear from other groups more.  This ensures that we get a full and balanced view.

Car / van driver are more likely to think that the problems are caused too by many bus lanes and too many cycle lanes on the road, whereas,

non-car / van users are more likely to think that problems are caused by too many private cars and commercial vehicles, and people driving when alternatives are available.

Cyclists and bus users are more likely than car / van drivers to think that cycle and pedestrian safety are causes for concern.

Non-car / van drivers want to see priority for public transport, priority for cyclists and priority for pedestrians.

Everyone who completes the survey has the option of leaving their details to sign up for future People’s Panel surveys.  This means that we will send you surveys, you won’t have to come looking. This survey is just Phase 1 – more research and consultation is on the way via the People’s Panel.

This surveys asks you about -

·       Hull’s roads – what are the problems, causes, and solutions?

·       How do you travel? Where do you go? How long does it take? How would you prefer to travel?

·       How difficult would it be to travel without a car?

·       How frequently do you use different modes of transport?

·       What do you think of public transport (whether you use it or not)? What is important and what needs improving?

·       What encourages you to / prevents you from using public transport?

·       What are the benefits of traveling using alternatives to the car?

Complete the survey here

People can get involved by



Text: “panel” to 07795 563 000

Call: 300300

Interchange:  visit the travel shop or the welcome information centre

Look out for the posters around the city

City Centre 30th July – come and talk to us at Albion Square

Allan Davidson

Sustainable Travel Officer,

Major Projects and Infrastructure, Economic Development and Regeneration,

Tel ext 4841

Work mobile 07925361246

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Happy riding!!

Dave Berger EYCTC Secretary