Getting back to normal

Getting back to normal

Good Morning

I wanted to start off by saying that on behalf of the committee that, we hope that you have all managed to stay safe over these unparalleled times.

We have been in the past 24 hours discussing how we can return to some sort of normality and restart our Sunday rides. To that end we have agreed the following actions which I would like to share with you.

Sunday Rides

We have agreed that we will restart the regular Sunday rides on the 6th of September 2020. We feel this is an ideal starting date, as it will allow us to build a schedule of rides and also gain leaders for rides where needed.

We need to be aware of the Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of our members. Philip has agreed to become the Aylesbury CTC Covid-19 Officer and it is vital that all ride leaders make a note of all riders that attend a ride published via the Cycling UK – Aylesbury CTC community. We ask that all leaders submit the details of all riders in attendance to Philip within 24 hours of the rides completion, so that he can update our records.

We are confident that you will all understand the importance of this, so that we have visibility of those attending. Below is a link to the South Bucks website where you will find the guidelines that have been set out to mitigate risk during our rides. Please visit the webpage and then click the ‘Aylesbury’ banner where you will find all necessary details and documentation.

In addition, we strongly recommend that each rider carry a face mask with them on each ride, so that we are compliant with the wishes of the cafes that we choose to use on the day.

Alternative Tour de Vale

As you are aware, the Tour de Vale is an event that we religiously attend and have supported over the years. As most of you will know, the event this year has sadly been cancelled due to Covid-19. However, Wheel Power are encouraging people to sign up to an ‘Alternative Tour’, this for those of you that are unaware, is an event whereby people can sign up and complete the rides anytime during the month of September, sign up is free, and for those who raise over £10.00 a medal will be provided by Wheel Power. The routes can be downloaded via the Wheel Power website. There are 3 routes available, 25k, 65k and 110k. Please see webpage below for full details and then scroll down to locate the event.

In order to support this, we will block out Sunday the 20th of September and will have rides starting at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium. We will be following both the 65k and 110k routes. The 65k will be at a Step Up pace and the 110k will be at a moderate pace. We will post more details in the weeks to come regarding these rides.

Social Evening

Whilst we are still in this difficult times, we have agreed to restart our online social evenings and we will post more information on our Facebook page. It is highly likely that we will move away from Zoom, as Zoom only allows a 40 minute call. We have been experimenting with a Google based solution, and again, will post more details and send out links etc.

Should you have any questions, please do feel free to contact me, and we very much look forward to seeing you out in the near future.

Best wishes

Ben Parry (sec)