Cycling UK Stevenage EGM 5 th October 2021

Cycling UK Stevenage EGM 5 th October 2021

At the Cycling UK Stevenage EGM on the 5th October 2021, a motion was passed to reduce the committee to 5 members. (This was the debated motion but amended to add the Welfare Officer):


Vice Chair - Club Development and Promotion



Welfare Officer

Members who attended the meeting voted overwhelmingly for the motion.

Subsequently the following members were elected to the posts:

Chair - Tina Walker

Vice Chair - Bill Hayes

Secretary - Jim Borcherds

Treasurer - Paul Boielle

The meeting then voted for Tina Walker to continue in her role as Interim Welfare Officer whilst the committee has an urgent action to identify and recruit suitable member(s) to fulfil the role of Welfare Officer on a more permanent basis.