CTC D&G 2023 March - May Runs' List

CTC D&G 2023 March - May Runs' List

Dear Members 14 3 2023

As you can see from the attached List, our Early Runs' List is on the go!

We are looking forward to your participation in our Rides, so come along to the starts which suit you.

If you did not reply, but have had time to reconsider, please return this brief Questionnaire and if you agree, accept inclusion in the shorter, "In-Touch" Mailing List

Please reply:

To: Tom Hanley – Secretary, CTC Dumfries and Galloway Members’ Group

I am pleased that there was a consensus to continue the Group and form a Committee.

I understand the importance of good communication with the Group Members.

Please add me to the "In-Touch" Group List.  YES/No

I would be willing/not willing to be a Ride Leader   YES/No

I am willing/not willing to help with other activities.   YES/No

My interests are in Riding with a Group - My interests are in other cycling activities and Campaigning  YES/No

As discussed and minuted at the SGM, in order to make future communications easier, and seek opinions from the Members, I agree and understand that I am giving permission for the limited distribution of an In-Touch List.

The In-Touch List, when complete, will be circulated to other members on this List.


This will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation except in connection with the above purposes.

Sincerely.......... my details    Name, Postal Address, Contact Tel, Email Address,