Aylesbury CTC AGM - Update

Aylesbury CTC AGM - Update

Good day to you. Please find attached an update in regards the Aylesbury CTC Annual General Meeting.

We have had a number of responses from across the group, the questions and subsequent answers to these questions are attached.

As with all ‘AGM’s’ it is important that we agree to a formal committee. We are proposing the following and we are keen to have feedback from you all in regards to this.

As we know. Ken Bailey is sadly stepping down as the club treasurer, and we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Ken for the support that he has provided over the past 12 months.

Following discussions locally, we are pleased to announce the Nick Vere-White has agreed to take over the position as club treasurer, this has come at an important time, as this allow us now to open a bank account and provide an end of year summary.

Proposed Committee Members.

Peter Robinson – Chairman

Philip Baronius – Rides Secretary

Ben Parry – Secretary

Nick Vere-White – Treasurer

Please vote for or against the proposed committee, once this has been achieved we will be able to finalise the AGM and provide feedback to you all.

As mentions at the top of this communication, please find the attached document with all questions that have been raised during this online Annual General Meeting and subsequent answers.

Best Wishes

Ben – Club Secretary