Going the Extra Mile: Volunteer Awards 2019

Karola Formella - shortlisted for Exceptional Individual in 2018
Karola Formella - shortlisted for Exceptional Individual in 2018

Going the Extra Mile: Volunteer Awards 2019

Cycling UK's dedicated army of tireless volunteers change and improve people's lives by enabling them to take part in cycling activities. They enable us all to enjoy better and more cycling, whether it is by putting on events and rides, campaigning for better facilities or even making the teas and coffees - they are the unsung heroes of the cycling world. They don't perform these tasks for anything more than the pleasure of knowing they are making a difference but we believe they deserve to have a spotlight shone on them and their impact to inspire and encourage more people to volunteer - which is why we have launched Going the Extra Mile: our Volunteer Awards 2019.

How to nominate for Cycling UK's Volunteer Awards 2019

Who do you know who goes the extra mile for cycling? Cycling UK's Volunteer Award nominations opened on  Thursday 14 February - henceforth known as Voluntine's Day! - and close on Monday 8 April at 5pm, with the final shortlist announced in the week starting Monday 15 April.

Successful nominees and their guests will then be invited to attend our Volunteer Celebration in London on Saturday 15 June, where the winners will be presented with their 'Going the Extra Mile' trophies by a special guest speaker. Why not nominate someone today and show them the appreciation they deserve?

It only takes a few minutes to tell us about the people you know who are making a difference through cycling, whether with an event, a campaign, a group or on their own. Remember to give as many details as possible about who they are, who they've helped and why they deserve recognition. 


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Volunteers of the Year 2018

In 2018, the finalists were selected from the hundreds of nominations we received and the winners in each of the ten categories were announced on Saturday 6 October at our Big Bike Celebration in Harrogate, where Cycling UK was founded 140 years ago. Read on to find out more about the volunteers' incredible work on behalf of everybody who loves cycling.


Best Community Project Resurrection Bikes, Harrogate

Exceptional Individual, Community ProjectPeter Jeans, Surrey

Best Cycling EventDiss Cyclathon, Norfolk

Outstanding Young AchieverBen Deakin, Liverpool

Outstanding Campaigning Group Portsmouth Cycle Forum, Hampshire

Outstanding Campaigning Individual -  Dr Katie Walker, Scotland

Best Cycling Programme -  Experience Community, West Yorkshire

Exceptional Individual, Cycling Programme - Individual who chose to remain anonymous 

Best Cycling GroupBalsall Heath CCC, Birmingham

Exceptional Individual, Cycling GroupChris Harris, Tuesday Evening Cyclists, Wirral

The 2018 shortlist

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