Watch again: Bants, Bikes and Being Female

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Saturday, 28 August 2021

Watch again: Bants, Bikes and Being Female


While we're so sad that the second series of Bants, Bikes and Being Female has finished, and we know you now can't look forward to our weekly panel discussions - the good news is that you can watch all of the first and second series back again! 

Packed to the rafters with information, top tips, and plenty of laughs, Cycling UK's women's chat show is perfect for beginner cyclists and those looking to try something new. 

Anna Glowinski welcomes a host of experienced guests in each episode to help bridge the gender gap in cycling, and encourage you to keep cycling.

Watch again: Bants, Bikes and Being Female


Series 2

  • Everything you need to know about cycling through the winter
  • Are you scared of (cycling in) the dark?
  • Looking after your bike in winter
  • Motivation to ride in the miserable months
  • How to plan a route for cycling
  • Bants, Bikes and Being Female Christmas Special!

Series 1

  • Starting cycling
  • Cycle commuting for beginners
  • Periods, training and bib shorts
  • Maintaining cycling as part of your lifestyle
  • Pregnancy, cycling and kids
  • Menopause, cycling and community 
  • Cycling and mental health
  • How to fit cycling into your family life
  • Cycling & cancer
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