Sunday ride (08:30 start)

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Sunday ride (08:30 start)

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<p><strong>Note earlier start time: 08:00.</strong></p>

<p>A choice of Medium&nbsp;and Fast groups (<a href="">see our website</a> for what Medium&nbsp;and Fast mean). In the Medium&nbsp;group&nbsp;you have the option of a morning or all-day ride. The Fast group goes just for the morning, generally returning before 1:30pm.</p>

<p>Everyone rides to a coffee stop, then the Fast group and some of the Medium&nbsp;group head for home, while the all-day group carries on further, with lunch and tea stops.</p>

<p>Non-members are welcome to come along and try a few rides before joining Cycling UK.</p>

<p>For details of where each ride goes, <a href="">see our calendar</a>.</p>

<p>All rides start at King Alfred's Statue in the Broadway in the middle of Winchester.</p>

Free to Cycling UK members
King Alfred's Statue The Broadway Winchester