Cycling UK Tourist Competition rules for 2018

Cycling UK Tourist Competition rules for 2018

The rules and regulations for organising or taking part in a Tourist Competition event.
1. The Tourist Competition is open to all members of the Cycling UK.

2. Juniors are those under age 18 on 1st March, and Veterans are those over 50 on 1st March.

3. The rules for participating in the events in the Tourist Competition are those of the individual event.

4. There is no entry fee for the Tourist Competition, the only fee being that levied by the organiser for events entered.

5. Only members who have registered individually will be regarded as entered in the Tourist Competition.

6. All participants riding in Cycling UK Tourist Competition events must have their membership number logged next to their name and included on all results submission forms. Ride organisers will therefore need to collect the following information: First Name/ Last Name, membership number – no other information is needed. However, if the participant has forgotten their membership number, the ride organiser can take a post code instead.

7. There is no restriction on the number of events ridden by each competitor.

8. On participating as a team: Teams consist of the four highest scoring individuals in a member group. Those who are eligible to ride for more than one member group are allocated according to the group they put down on their first event.

9. Events registered for the Tourist Competition will be included in the events list on the Cycling UK website here: The Competition runs from 1 March to 31 October each year.

10. Enquiries about and entries to individual events should be addressed to each event organiser, whose details are shown in the events listing page.

11. There are 6 categories of event, as follows:

A. 25-79 miles (40-127 km)

B. 80-119 miles (128-192 km)

C. 120-185 miles (193-299 km)

D. 186 miles and over (300 km and over)

E. Competitive events (e.g. Map-reading, Treasure Hunts, Freewheeling, Tourist competitions, Hill-climbs)

F. Off-road rides.

12. Events shorter than 25 miles / 40 km that are designed to attract Junior riders and families may be entered for the competition, but only Junior riders will earn Tourist Competition points for these events.

13. The Tourist Competition is decided on a points scoring basis.

1. Non-Competitive events (a,b,c,d,f) are awarded 10 points for each successfully completed event.

2. Competitive events are scored based on the number of Starters in the event.

1. For coming in the First 10% - 12 points

2. 11-40% - 11 points

3. 41-70% - 10 points

4. 71-100% - 9 points

The points for competitive events are determined by simply dividing the position by the number of starters. If there are fewer than ten starters, nobody will be awarded 12 points.

14. In the case of a tie for any of the awards, the following tie-breakers will be applied:

1. The winner will be the rider who has ridden at least two rides in each category.

2. If this does not separate the riders, the winner will be the rider with the better average position in 'e' events relative to the number of starters. All competitive events ridden by the rider will be counted, subject to averaging the same number of events for each rider (for example, if Rider A has ridden 4 competitive events, and Rider B ridden 6, all of Rider A's events will be compared with the best 4 of Rider B's). If not all riders have ridden competitive events, those that have take precedence.

15. Awards to competitors with the highest numbers of points will be as follows:

1. Overall winner Shaftesbury Trophy * and Arthur Moss medal

2. Second and Third overall Medallions

3. 1st Woman E.F. Butterworth Trophy * and Medallion

4. 1st Junior (Boy) Junior Trophy * and Medallion

5. 1st Junior (Girl) Brooks Trophy * (donated by ESCA) and Medallion

6. 1st Male Veteran P. H. Catt Memorial Trophy * and Medallion

7. 1st Female Veteran Craven Vase *

8. 1st Team Team Trophy * and Medallion for each of four riders from the same Member Group

9. 1st Man (Scotland) Medallion

10. 1st Woman (Scotland) Medallion (Perpetual trophies)

16. Certificates will be sent to all competitors who complete ten events. In addition, all Junior riders (under 18 on 1st March) will be awarded a certificate recognising their participation.

17. Tandem riders will be awarded points in categories a,b,c,d and f. There will be no points for tandem riders in 'e' events as these are competitive events in which all entrants must ride individually if they wish to record Tourist Competition points. Many organisers will allow pairs and tandems to participate within a competitive event, on the understanding that they are not included in the Tourist Competition result.

18. Any complaint regarding the conduct of an event should in the first instance be referred to the organiser. If there is no resolution to the complaint reference should be made to the Cycling UK Complaints Procedure.

19. Any complaint regarding the conduct of the Tourist Competition should in the first instance be referred to the Tourist Competition co-ordinator. The latest submission for any complaint will be 21 days after the publication of the end of year Tourist Competition result. If there is no resolution to the complaint reference should be made to the Cycling UK Complaints Procedure.