Man and child on electric bike
Man and child on electric bike

Cycling made e-asy FAQs

Cycling made e-asy is a brilliant new scheme that gives you access to a long-term e-cycle loan or try and ride sessions for free. The scheme is in its pilot phase and is launching in five different locations across England. Here is a list of everything you need to know before you get started

Questions about the Cycling made e-asy scheme

What is Cycling made e-asy? Am I eligible?

Cycling made e-asy is a free electric cycle loan and training scheme. It’s available across five regions in England: Greater Manchester, Sheffield, Hull, Leicester, Luton and Bedfordshire.

It is for people over the age of 16. As well as long-term loans, events and training will be available at each and every e-hub.

These events may include road confidence sessions, led rides, try and ride events and more. These sessions will normally last between 15 minutes to one hour.

Where can I access the e-cycles loans? Which areas are the loans available in?

The e-cycle loans are fully booked in Greater Manchester but will be available from Evans Cycles stores in four other locations: 

  • Sheffield, launches in July
  • Hull, launches in July
  • Leicester, launches in June
  • Luton and Bedfordshire, launches in June

These are known as e-hubs and there will be specific community e-hubs at established community venues within the area.

There will also be selected e-hubs at workplaces or education centres that will have access to a fleet of cycles, and will have mobile cycle fleets delivering try and ride sessions across the regions.

Do I need to collect my loan in person or is it delivered?

Yes, you’ll need to collect your e-cycles loan in person. On receipt of the cycle, you’ll be offered some basic cycle training to ensure you’re able and confident to use the cycle. We’ll also collect some basic personal information from you if you haven’t pre-registered online.

How much does it cost to loan an e-cycle?

All loans, whether they are at try and ride sessions, or standard long-term loans will be free of charge. 

What do I need to bring with me?

For the short-term try and ride sessions: No need to bring anything just suitable clothes for cycling so nothing that could get entangled in the chain. Helmets can be provided but if you have your own you are welcome to bring it. There is no requirement to wear a helmet.

For long-term loans you will need a suitable proof of ID. Helmets, lock and lights will be provided. 

What type of e-cycle can I borrow?

There’ll be a range of e-cycles from a variety of manufacturers including Raleigh, Specialized, Islabikes, Brompton and many more. These include; light e-cycles, fold up e-cycles, hybrid type e-cycles, adapted e-cycles and even e-cargo e-cycles.

How long can I loan the e-cycle for?

There will be a mixture of try out sessions lasting between 30 minutes to one hour, a series of led rides from the community hubs and long-term loans for one, two or three months. 

Where can I download the e-cycles hire app?

There isn’t an app to download. Long-term loans and short-term events can be booked through the Cycling UK e-cycles website or in person at any of our Evans or community e-hubs.

Can I call to reserve a booking?

Bookings will be made either online through the booking page or in person at the Evans Cycles store or the community hub.

Do you offer any support or training?

Our expert team will be able to provide some basic on road cycle training, advice, and guidance to build confidence around usage of the e-cycles. We will signpost participants for more bespoke or formal training. We won’t be able to provide ‘learn to ride’ training, so all participants must already be able to cycle independently.

What is the minimum age for renting an e-cycle?

The minimum age for loaning an e-cycle is 16 years and over.

Returns, cancellations and mechanical questions

Does my e-cycle loan need to be returned to the same store or can it be dropped at a different location?

There will be only one Evans Cycles store known as an e-hub and one community e- hub in each region. The e-cycle will have to be returned to the venue you originally hired it from.

How can I cancel or change an online booking?

Cancellations or changes to the booking can be made online. You can also return your e-cycle long-term loan early in store.

What happens if I have a puncture or mechanical problem?

Return the e-cycle to the venue you originally hired it from, and staff will be on hand to fix any issues. Depending on the problem, the fault may not be able to be fixed immediately.

What happens if my e-cycle is stolen?

An approved lock will be issued with your e-cycle, and you will be required to use it when parking the e-cycle for any period. The theft will need to be reported to the police as soon as possible and a crime number obtained.

Am I covered if I’m in an accident?

Long-term loans on the Cycling made e-asy scheme comes with a free six-month Cycling UK membership. This includes third-party liability insurance which protects you if you accidentally cause injury to another person or damage their property while you are on your e-cycle. It also includes access to our specialist legal advice and support if you’re involved in a crash. 

What is a Cycling UK membership?

Each e-cycle loan comes with a complementary digital six-month Cycling UK membership. You’ll be joining 70,000 other Cycling UK members in receiving free third-party liability insurance which protects you for up to £10m if you accidentally cause injury to another person or damage their property while you are on your e-cycle. It also includes access to our specialist legal advice and support if you’re involved in a crash. 

Membership also includes a digital version of Cycle magazine every two months, subscription to CycleClips, Cycling UK’s weekly e-newsletter, and discounts at a range of cycling, leisure and outdoors-related retailers. View our member benefits.

How do I access my Cycling UK membership?

The collection of your e-cycle will automatically activate your Cycling UK membership. You will receive a welcome email within five working days which will ask you to create an online account so you can access all your benefits and gain more information about what Cycling UK does and how they can support you to ride.


Kit, support and general questions about e-cycling

Can I fit my own kit to the e-cycle?

You can add your own kit as long as it doesn’t compromise the e-cycle in anyway. All kit must be removed at the end of the hire period.

Can I hire a trailer for my child/dog/shopping?

Unfortunately, we won’t be offering the hire of trailers.

Can the e-cycles be ridden on and off-road?

The e-cycles available will have some capacity to be ridden in traffic free environments, we wouldn’t advise their use in mountain biking terrain, however they will be suitable for off-road use in terms of canal tow paths and gentle parkland.

Do you provide maps for the local area?

We will work with the local authorities within the regions to provide local maps for cycle routes.

What size should I choose, and can I adjust the seat?

You will select a size of e-cycle at point of booking, there will be a range of sizes to choose from and all will have easily adjustable seat heights.

Are helmets available to hire as well?

Helmets are optional and will be provided if requested on collection.

What clothes do I need to wear?

You can wear everyday clothes to cycle in, no specialist clothing is required, although comfortable footwear and less restrictive clothing can make cycling more comfortable. Dressing according to the weather can also make the experience more pleasurable.

Does the loan e-cycle come with lights, and can I ride them at night?

All e-cycles provided on long-term loan will have a set of front and rear lights.

woman riding an e-cycle
Ready to try an e-cycle?

The quickest way to start is to book online by selecting your nearest location below. Alternatively you can go directly to one of our partner stores and make your booking face-to-face. 

If you need more inspiration or information the Cycling made e-asy page provides advice and real life experiences of people enjoying the benefits of e-cycling.