A man putting lights on his bike at dusk
A man putting lights on his bike at dusk
Figuring out which lights to have on your bike can be quite confusing at times, and as the nights draw in, now is the perfect time to light up your ride. Our advice pages can help you choose the right lights for different types of riding
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Complying with the law
  • Reflectors: Between dusk and dawn, your bike must be fitted with a red rear reflector and amber pedal reflectors.
  • Lights: You must have front and rear lights that are approved.
  • Flashing lights: Some flashing lights are okay to use as your only lights.
Other skills to consider
  • Visible signalling: Reflective bands on your sleeves can help make movements more visible. Keep your palm flat and extend your arm all the way out from the shoulder to make your intentions clear.
  • Road positioning: Ride out from the kerb, in secondary position, 'taking the lane' if neccessary to ensure drivers have seen you, especially when passing or entering junctions, entering roundabouts, and where the road narrows or bends. 
  • Watch out for others: Watch out for pedestrians as they may not always be easy to spot in the dark and can sometimes fail to see or hear you.