How to create Cycletopia in your town

Cambridge is as close to Cycletopia as you can get in Britain

How to create Cycletopia in your town

Cycletopia may not exist in Britain yet, but the each of the elements could be replicated in any town. If you want to get involved in seeing Cycletopia in your town, you can join your local cycle campaign, create your own cycle campaign, or become an accredited representative of Cycling UK locally.

Cycletopia won't happen by itself; it'll take concerted effort from councils, businesses, schools and, of course, campaigners, to make it happen.

Here are 10 steps to help turn your town into ‘Cycletopia’:

  1. firstly, and most simply, report potholes and poor road maintenance on
  2. there are over 400 Cycling UK  local cycle campaigners and many more campaign groups in towns and cities, get involved in your local campaign group or contact your local Cycling UK campaigner
  3. find allies in other organisations or groups, such as health professionals, environmental groups and cycle-friendly councillors
  4. map out the routes where cyclists most need to get to, the barriers they face, and where improvements can be made
  5. find out who makes the decisions and who holds the funds - this is likely to be the local councillors for your highway authority
  6. take your proposals to your councillors and local cycle forum (if one exists!)
  7. take your councillors and officers out on bikes to visualise improvements
  8. look out for major planning developments, where much of the funding for better facilities will come from
  9. ask Cycling UK for advice, assistance or resources such as campaigns briefings
  10. don’t give up!

If you are already involved in campaigning or want to get involved with campaigning in your local area, you can sign up to be a local Cycling UK representative. Cycling UK's also has advice on how to set up a local campaign group in your area.