Findra: Relaxed Fit Shorts and Trail Shorts

Sam and Daria riding in the his and hers Findra shorts

Findra: Relaxed Fit Shorts and Trail Shorts

Sam Jones and Daria Taddei put Findra's shorts designed for men and women through the wringer.

Relaxed Fit Shorts (women’s) rrp £90

Findra's Relaxed Fit Shorts (women's)
I’ve had a French Navy pair of these shorts for over a year, in which time they’ve served me well off-road in Iceland, touring in the Outer Hebrides, and rolling along in the Surrey Hills. They still look like new, despite tussles with brambles and several hundred miles of wear. They’re comfortable, splash-proof, light, and breathable. They don’t scream ‘bike’, and I’d happily wear these trekking too as they dry very quickly.
Unfortunately, in my case at least, they’re not especially true to size (14 for mine); I’d prefer more room. I also wish there was a zip pocket at the back, as I don’t feel comfortable leaving anything in the unzipped ones there, especially when it’s bumpy. The discreet zip pocket on the front is great for holding a phone or a small wallet.
I would balk at paying full price, but it’s worth keeping your eye out for when Findra holds a sale – and that’s not just for these but also their lovely merino tops! 

Trail Shorts (men’s) rrp £90

Findra's Trail Shorts
I've been jealous of Daria’s Findra kit and waiting for them to produce a range for men. Now they have. Unlike the women’s shorts, which look normal off the bike, these are definitely MTB shorts and they’re so long on me (I’m 5ft 8in) they almost feel like three-quarter length trousers. Made from the same fabric as the women’s, they have plenty of give and seem to shed all but the worst of trail filth with a brush of the hand. They’re available only in this colour (called ‘Nine Iron’).
I’d have preferred the front pockets to be placed on the side, rather than in front like jeans. That’s a small niggle though, as they’re zipped and deep. There’s also a discreet side pocket on the left leg and a small zip pocket in the centre of the shorts’ seat.
In case you have a large lunch on your ride, the shorts’ stretchiness and adjustable Velcro waist fastener will ensure you keep riding in comfort. They’re a great addition to my MTB wardrobe.


Daria: My go-to trail shorts. I always take them on tour too.

Sam: Great MTB shorts but at this price I’d like them to double as touring shorts, like Daria’s.

Pros and Cons

+ Hardwearing​
+ Stain resistant
- Price

Other options

Madison Zena Women's Shorts rrp £59.99

With a range of colours, these MTB shorts have zip pockets throughout and vents in case you overheat. They’re quite bikey.

Endura Hummvee 3/4 Short II with liner £65.99

Endura’s Hummvee has a thicker material than Findra’s and comes with vents, zip pockets, and a detachable padded liner.
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