Manningham/Heaton Cycle Club - Mary Magdalene CiC

Manningham/Heaton Cycle Club - Mary Magdalene CiC

Welcome to St Mary's Magdalene Church homepage, who are an affiliated centre of Cycling UK.



Activities available at the centre 

St Mary's Magdalene Church are a CTC affiliated centre.

We are a small voluntary organisation working with young people in the heart of inner city of Bradford. We provide personal & social development for young people. We are based in the heart of Manningham one of the most deprived wards in the city. Most migrants who come into the City find their first home in the area due to cheap low quality housing, support of their own communities nearby. There is high unemployment, low owner occupied housing stock, a lot of social, sheltered and supported housing.

We support the local community through activies such as bike maintenance and bikeability; information and training sessions; led bike rides and training, and more.

Contact: 0781 1577 5472



Centre activities 
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