Just Cycle

Just Cycle

Just Cycle is a local registered charity based in the Scottish Borders. It recycles unwanted bikes and makes them available at an affordable price. People can donate their unwanted bikes so that we can re-use them.

About the centre 

Just Cycle Ltd aims to:

  • Encourage and support community involvement of people of all ages in the provision of re-used, recycled, affordable bicycles.
  • Encourage skills sharing and development of all those involved in the initiative.
  • Contribute towards increases in regional re-use and recycling rates by recovering bikes from the waste stream, reducing waste sent to landfill and raising awareness of the importance of re-use and recycling locally.
  • Promote opportunities for improved health and wellbeing as a result of involvement in the initiative, or as an end beneficiary of the initiative.
  • Reduce inequalities and encourage strong intergenerational relationships locally by involving all sectors of the community in recycling and re-use work and encouraging cycling among all sectors, including socially disadvantaged or isolated people.
Activities available at the centre 

Just Cycle recycle and re-use bikes that would have been thrown out. Unused bikes are recovered from a range of sources, transported to our base and then recycled. We make use of the many bikes left in people’s sheds and garages and encourage people of all ages to cycle. We also provide basic maintenance skills to encourage people to maintain their own bikes. Recycled bikes are then be passed on for sale, loan or donation to people of all ages.

Centre activities 
Recycling Centre


5 Tweedbank Craft Centre



Scottish Borders

TD1 3RU 

Opening times 

Open Wednesdays 12 - 5pm, other times by appointment

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19