Chainlink Community Cycles Cic

Chainlink Community Cycles Cic

Welcome to Chainlink Community Cycles Cic homepage, who are an affiliated centre of Cycling UK.

Activities available at the centre 

Chainlink Community Cycles Cic are a CTC affiliated centre. Activities include:

All types of bike repair - We train volunteers to carry out all aspects of bike repair on bikes brought in by the general public

Bike maintenance tutorial sessions - We run dedicated workshops for people to learn the essential bike maintenance skills and beyond as well as encouraging those who bring their bikes for repair to stay and work on their own bike with us.

Bike refurbishment - We refurbish old donated bikes for our own stock of pool bikes, available for free hire, as well as for sale at affordable prices.

Bike Rides - We offer guided bike rides aimed at all levels around the local area. However, we don't have a regular slot for these and just tend to be run if we have a particular demand and we have someone available to lead the ride.



Centre activities 
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