Bike Stop Darlington

Bike Stop Darlington

Welcome to Bike Stop Darlington homepage, who are an affiliated centre of Cycling UK.

Activities available at the centre 

Bike Stop Darlington are a Cycling UK affiliated centre. We deliver maintenance courses, led rides, Dr Bike sessions, provide free on site secure bike parking [£10 annual membership], provide free cycling information / advice, work placements to a range of vulnerable groups, those furthest away from employment. Our ethos is to support the local community with affordable cycling, create / encourage accessibility to cycling.We also aim to support the most vulnerable such as the homeless, those with mental health, learning needs, unemployed. We have an excellent infra structure aiding the support of these groups through both referrals and voluntary routes. We use the business aspect of Bike Stop as a vehicle to provide a structure towards meeting the above.

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This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19