Aberdeen's community bicycle workshop

About the centre 

beCyCle is a community project (not a charity) which is run solely by enthusiastic volunteers. There are no paid positions, no boards, no bosses. Some have referred to us as a grassroots movement, and there might be something to it. Everyone involved in the project not only contributes with his/her own efforts and donations but also has the chance to shape it with his or her ideas and decisions.beCyCle is simply about sharing resources and knowledge by like-minded people. It is self-organized and heterarchical.

Activities available at the centre 
  • a completely free workshop 
  • tools & working stands
  • spare parts (used and some new)
  • knowledgeable folks 
  • a knowledge base (Web, books, manuals)
  • access to Aberdeen’s cycling community
  • bike events and bike rides
  • free bicycle lending
Centre activities 
Recycling Centre

beCyCle c/o AUSA
The Hub
Elphinstone Road
Old Aberdeen

AB24 3TU

Opening times 

Every Wednesday 3-8pm and Saturday 1-6pm at the workshop