Mike Halstead - Certificate of Merit

Mike Halstead - Certificate of Merit

Mike joined CTC in 1969 and became a committee member with the West Yorkshire D.A. within two years.

He has served on this committee and Huddersfield and District section committee, almost continuously, in various posts including, Vice Chair, Chairman, Awards secretary and committee member. As awards secretary Mike is responsible for the purchasing and engraving of the trophies for presentation at the clubs annual awards dinner.

At the age of 14 Mike embarked on his first solo tour, a ride from his home in Yorkshire to stay with relatives in the Isle of Wight. Taking 3 days each on the outward and home bound journeys allowing him to have a week with his relatives!

He has marshalled on many D.A. award rides and as well as his marshalling duties he gave support to riders. He has taken part in many club Standard rides some starting at Midnight and continuing throughout the day. It was this type of ride that he later supported as a marshall, supplying hot drinks to riders at his control points.

Mike may well be leaving the committee this year, so we feel, that this is an appropriate time to have his dedication recognised.