Si Davies - Certificate of Merit

Si Davies - Certificate of Merit

CTC is built around the selfless work and commitment of many volunteers who lead rides and organise events and member groups.

Si Davies has done a lot of this and has been an active member of North Birmingham CTC for some years. However, his unique contribution has been at a national level as a volunteer moderator and administrator on the CTC Forum over the last five years (at least). This has been an important addition to CTC’s camaraderie, information sharing, policy and other debates. However, to work effectively a forum requires careful monitoring and moderating and here Si has given CTC Forum users many hours of professional and humane support.

Si has a good feel for the new media and at a high level has used his expertise to offer very constructive advice on how CTC’s presence and impact could be maximised and integrated especially when getting a new Website established was causing so much trouble and delay. However, much of the day to day work is behind the scenes requiring good judgement – when should a topic be split or re-allocated? When has someone stepped over the line and posted something that should be considered offensive? Has a poster got carried away with a point of view and would a polite and well judged request produce a more considered and probably effective intervention?

Si’s own posts are always perceptive and to the point displaying a great reasonableness and ability to respect the ideas of other members. He is very knowledgeable about cycling, bicycles and touring but always modest in his recommendations and gentle in handling discussions with others. This is the essence of a good Forum and Si has developed the ability to manage this digital but very human environment to good effect. During the often heated debates about the CTC’s future status as a charity, Simon was called upon to moderate quite often in challenging circumstances and faced some personal hostility. He always thinks through his own very reasonable approach to issues. Simon thinks for himself and rarely follows an “establishment” line but he can appreciate different arguments and has been vigorous in defending the interests of members.

Council and many Forum users appreciate the hard work that goes into moderating the Forum. It can often be a thankless task and takes up a lot of time in often during unsocial hours. Si is a significant presence in the Forum both on the screen and behind the scenes and we have all come to rely on his good sense and willingness to take on such responsibilities.

Although he has been very busy in his career, gaining a PhD qualification recently, Simon is a good club member in person as well as on the web, friendly, modest and supportive of others he has taken the camaraderie of cycling into the new digital world.