David Robinson - Certificate of Merit

David Robinson - Certificate of Merit

David Robinson has been a friend to cycling for many years.

As a Cheshire County Councillor he promoted the cause of cycling, and assisted our Rights Officers at a time when cycling was not fashionable and the Road Safety needs of cyclists were not fully appreciated.

David developed his interest further when he joined the CTC in December 2005 and then by being elected National Councillor for the North West in 2006. In time he became Chairman of the Council and held the post for 6 years. During his period in office the CTC went through several major changes, including the move to the status of a Charity and the revision of the Policy on Member Group organisation.

However, in the midst of the changes, he still found time actively to support the Chester and North Wales Group by giving practical help and advice during our 70th Anniversary year, when the National A.G.M. and Dinner was held here, and by attending local Committee meetings, often coming straight in after a long train journey from CTC National Office.

He also made it his business to visit the A.G.Ms held by other Groups and to attend many Birthday Rides in his capacity of Chairman.

He is an active, every-day cyclist, with his Brompton Folder, putting into practice his environmentally friendly views.

Always approachable, David has managed to combine his campaigning, management, political and cycling skills into one impressive package that has been of great benefit to the world of cycling in general and to the Chester and North Wales Group in particular.