Howard Boyd - Certificate of Merit

Howard Boyd - Certificate of Merit

Howard Boyd joined both CTC and the Morden-based Redmon Cycling Club in 1958 – indeed he has total recall of his original membership number (SRY11720).

He had previously cycled from England to Upper Egypt and back between leaving school and starting university.

After 14 years in the motor industry (“too long”, he says!), he joined the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as their “National Cycling Officer” where he was responsible for the Cycling Proficiency Scheme.

After 2 years working for an IT company and a year spent earning a Masters degree in traffic engineering, he joined transport consultants Allott and Lomax in 1992, a company which was later taken over by Babtie. During that time he conducted a notable study which showed the speed with which previously unfit people gained health and fitness benefits by taking up cycling.

From 2003 he joined the English Regions Cycling Development Team – supporting their efforts to promote local authority good practice on cycling policy. At the same time he joined CTC as our policy advisor. CTC benefited enormously from his encyclopaedic knowledge of cycling policy, politics and research, past and present, up until his retirement in 2008.