Maurice and Anthea Truby - Certificate of Merit

Maurice and Anthea Truby - Certificate of Merit

Maurice and Anthea Truby have been CTC members for 25 years and met in 1989 on a CTC tour to Scandinavia. Having settled in Cumbria their dedication to cycling grew and they founded a local club in 1996.

In the early days such a fledgling group can fail, but with the enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement of fine people like the Trubys, the club prospered into what is now CTC Eden Valley (EV), a strong and active group with 80 members, two rides per week, various annual trips and hosting of tri-vet events, the first of which was organised by the Trubys. One wonders if this group would exist without Maurice and Anthea’s initial impetus.

In 20 years they have also led over 40 superb and successful CTC tours, primarily to their beloved Italy, but also Sri Lanka and their home patch of Cumbria’s Eden Valley. They are superbly organised, thoughtful and caring leaders and retain a ‘following’ of the many friends and devotees they have made on their tours and independent trips.

Minimising vehicle usage made Maurice and Anthea natural supporters of Sustrans. They have attended most of the inaugural NCN rides with Anthea as photographer and have been keen local Rangers for many years, encouraging many EV members to do likewise; they have been involved with the Sustrans executive on a number of projects. In addition they have been active members of the Eden Cycling Campaign since its inception and local representatives of the CTC Right to Ride initiative for many years.

Cycling has been their lifeblood and between them they have gently yet persuasively cajoled, guided and encouraged others to follow their lead. Conversely they do not tolerate abuse of the right to cycle and actively campaign against and take action on any misdemeanours or failings by other parties.

Maurice and Anthea are indeed superb ambassadors for cycling, thus initiating this richly deserved CTC Certificate of Merit is EV’s attempt to have their contribution recognised and say thanks and farewell to them as they move to warmer climes and closeness of family in Norfolk, cycling in quiet empty lanes anew.