Dave Pountney - Certificate of Merit

Dave Pountney - Certificate of Merit

Dave Pountney (known to everyone as DP) joined the CTC in 1959 but didn’t really start cycling until approximately 8am on the 10th March 1965. We know this because as well as being an avid cyclist he is also meticulous diary keeper, having logged all of his so far 482,841 miles.

His need to start cycling happened by chance, his mode of transport to work in his younger days was a trustee moped, unfortunately one day the engine fell out on the way back home. Having the “can do” work ethic DP decided to cycle the hilly 14 miles to work and back, it’s been told that that night he crawled upstairs on his hands & knees. This led to the cycling career he is now being recognised for.

DP has been on the Kidderminster CTC committee since 1965 and has become a mainstay of the club being on the committee for a continuous 46 years (and still counting), holding positions of Secretary, Treasurer, magazine editor & opening up the club room between September & May for the last 12 years.

Only last year DP retired from organising the well known audax, the Elenith (26 years) & Kidderminster Killer (22 years), two rides which showed DP’s fondness for hills. His other achievements include riding the Paris Brest Paris in 1979, 1983, 1987 & 1991 & many other audax to numerous to mention.

DP has given slide shows at club events, other CTC clubs around the UK and also at the “Birthday Rides”. He has cycled through many countries one of his last being China.

This Certificate of Merit would not be complete without acknowledging DP’s inspiration to new & old riders. There are many members today, still cycling through DP’s encouragement & guidance.

The sense of achievement he has helped young riders accomplish should not be under estimated, the selfless support in battling a headwind, cycling through 20 hours of rain in the depths of Wales, the sharing of bonk rations (mainly jelly babies) are qualities learnt and taken with you on life’s roller coaster journey.

All-in-all whenever we talk of the Kidderminster CTC we say the initials DP in the same breath.