David Martindale - Certificate of Merit

David Martindale - Certificate of Merit

David Martindale (known to everyone as Dave) joined the Cyclists’ Touring Club Liverpool District Association in 1955 aged 14.

He was soon active in the Intermediate Group, a section that catered for riders aged between 14 and 21.  His obvious skills of leadership and organisation became apparent as he became Section Secretary.  Never failing to lead bicycle rides and trips to Youth Hostels he progressed to lead summer tours.

Indeed, many a member of the CTC still riding today was introduced to the joys of cycletouring, through Dave’s diligent  preparation.  Nothing was ever left to chance and everyone was always allocated a role in the tours that he led.  Such were his skills in great demand, that for over 40 years he remained as a mainstay for the Liverpool District Association.

However, this was only part of the story as he helped to run the Association Clubroom.  In 1965 he took charge of the clubroom at the premises of Tuebrook Boys Club.  Every week members could enjoy slide shows of club activities and cine shows.  These were accompanied by snooker, darts, table tennis and five a side football facilities, that Dave made sure were in place.

Refreshments and the Annual Christmas party were other features of the organisational skills.  These led to Dave taking on a role on the committee of the Boys Club involved with upkeep and maintenance of the building.

Always dependable and willing to encourage new membership Dave awarded a trophy to the member who attended most club rides.

In the present days he can be relied upon to marshal or help with catering at our events.  Even the Newsletter delivery has been done on his bicycle in the West Derby area of Liverpool.

This Certificate of Merit culminates a number of achievements notably The CF Elias Memorial Trophy for Sterling Service to the club and he was also the first recipient of the John Carline Memorial Plaque also for service to the club.

When we talk of Cyclists’ Touring Club in Liverpool, we say Dave Martindale in the same breath. 

If you think that cycling is a way of life in Merseyside CTC just ask Dave.