Peter Hawkins - Certificate of Merit

Peter Hawkins - Certificate of Merit

It is more than high time that this passionate and eloquent advocate of cycling, in both its benefits to the individual and its contribution to the well-being of society and the climate, received recognition for the vast range of work that he does, and has done for more than twenty years.

He couldn’t remain to finish his professional working life to get working full-time for cycling!

Not a lover of committee life, unless action is uppermost, nevertheless Peter has served the CTC Scotland committee well for most of its time.  He has been treasurer of Lothians DA and the Kirkpatrick Macmillan Cycle Rally committee for many years.

But he is at his happiest when he is doing – out there repairing a path, putting up some signs, organising a volunteer work-force, surveying for a cycle map (2007 saw the new edition of the Edinburgh cycle map), or organising an event.

If not doing those things, Peter is pursuing vigorously his representational role for CTC, which is also vast, mainly through Right to Ride: indeed he is regional representative for on-road cycling in Scotland (and Scotland is a big region!).  He makes annually several major responses to government and other consultations, attends numerous seminars and meetings, and has represented us in some public local inquiries.  He is now preparing for the Aberdeen Bypass one.  He does his bit for off-road by serving on the West Lothian Outdoor Access Forum.  And after all that, he finds time to warden hostels, choral singing, gardening and family!

Peter is a major force amongst Scottish cycling volunteers, (Scottish) nationally and in his own area of Edinburgh and the Lothians, where his detailed knowledge is unsurpassed.