Willie Nelson - Certificate of Merit

Willie Nelson - Certificate of Merit

Willie passed away before this Certificate could be presented so it was presented to his Son at his funeral.

Born in November 1921, Willie Nelson joined the Cyclist’s Touring Club in January 1947.

If ever a person were seen as embodying the traditional virtues attributed to the CTC, then Willie would be that person.  His first ride with the Lothians DA was in April 1948, and such were the qualities of this young man that he very quickly became DA Secretary.

Moving to Fife in 1957, in order to pursue his career, he joined the Fife and Kinross D.A.  From that time on he has been a regular rider and active member of the DA, always involved in helping with any club events.

An excellent DA Chairman, from 1987 to 2005, he was always able to keep the discussions pertinent and flowing.  His record keeping as Treasurer, from 1989 to 2005, was particularly meticulous.  Indeed he became so identified with the latter role that it was difficult to imagine another in that position.  Dependable and honest, he is always sensible and practical in his approach to difficulties, and tolerant of the different views of others.

A man to trust and rely upon without any doubt.  From 1999 to 2002, as our DA Rep for Cyclists Rights and Campaigning, (Right To Ride) he was instrumental in establishing a good relationship between the DA and Fife Council.  He also represented our DA on CTC Scotland committee during this period.

He retired from the D.A. Committee in November 2005, aged 84.  Willie now enjoys the status of an elder statesman in the D.A, and is respected and valued by all.  He still comes along to DA events and meeting points for rides, although he no longer cycles.  Ever the gentleman, he has been an excellent ambassador for our club and never misses an opportunity to promote CTC.